The idea was to create a state of the art Marine Academy which would be the first of its kind in the Northern region of India !

Shriya Marine Pvt. Ltd. (SMPL) is conceived with a vision for the purpose of imparting a quality of physical education and training to prepare the students community to face the challenges of life. Shriya Marine Academy was established successfully in the year 2011 to provide a better chance of employments to the youngsters upcoming from the different parts of a country. So keeping in view of unemployment, as there are several job opportunities in the field of marine and the training provided by our academy is among one of these.

Courtesy, politeness and human like behavior must always be characterize by the students for Academic Excellence with total commitment to the quality of physical education research and improvement of human values. True to its purpose and motive, that honesty and devotion towards their work the essentials for the progress and prosperity. No discrimination is done on the basis of caste, creed, religion, language, location among the students. Each and everyone are treated with equally.

Students who have pass out from our academy are now earning sufficient enough to sustain a proper life and this had made possible by our efforts and hard Work of the students.


In fact there is an immense requirement of genuine Marine Personnel in Inland vessel. Accordingly Shriya Marine Academy is promoted by Shriya Marine Pvt. Ltd. (SMPL) in order to produce the best multi talented man power in the marine field with a difference.

It is quite often seen that in most of the cases students are getting degree in Marine Industry are immediately notable to perform as per the requirement of the Marine Industry due to lack of proper practical exposure.

Shriya Marine Academy has designed a unique program and syllabus to impart practical and industry based Training and Networking along with the course where Shriya Marine Academy Strengthens your inner capability with best working experience in Marine Industry.

We enable our students to excel in the field of Inland vessels so as to face the competitive world in seeking and providing employment. Shriya Marine Academy is one of such institutes in the field of Inland Vessel where 100% assured employment is provided in our establishment subjects to the conditions.